Free Airnergy Professional Plus Machine Use
(No obligation to buy or rent!)

Free Airnergy Use – in the comfort of your own home

Would you like to experience the benefits of Airnergy – Activated Oxygen therapy (also called ‘Spirovital Therapy’ or ‘Active Air’) but feel it is financially out of reach?

Contact us today to arrange a month’s FREE trial with a top quality, perfect working order Airnergy Professional Plus device. No obligation to purchase. Simply pay for courier delivery and you can begin to experience the health and life-enhancing effects of Airnergy in your own home!

Free Airnergy Professional Plus use from Unique Perceptions

Airnergy Professional Plus Free Use:

  • Available to addresses throughout UK

  • No obligation to purchase or rent devices after trial

  • Free period of use for one month from delivery

  • Courier delivery fee of £30 required

  • Further rental and purchase options available after free rental period.

  • Specialist health support provided as standard

Interested? Want to confirm details and arrange your FREE Airnergy use?

Contact us today to speak with General Medical Council registered Dr Claire Bowen, Activated Oxygen Specialist, to discuss how a free trial of Airnergy could change your life!

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Airnergy Oxygen Therapy, also known as Activated Oxygen Therapy, Active Air, Oxygen Energy Therapy or SpiroVital Therapy, is a powerful, natural treatment, developed in Germany over the past 30 years.

You can rent an Airnergy device or other brand of Activated Oxygen Therapy device (such as Vital Air) or you can purchase directly from us – Unique Perceptions, Activated Oxygen Therapy. Brand new and secondhand machines available. Payment plans for spreading the cost are also often available.

Further information on the benefits of Airnergy and Activated Oxygen is available on our sister website

Contact us today to discuss the best option for you and your loved ones to enhance your health and wellbeing!